Introduction to the concept of live coding [Englisch]

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Nach ihrem Livekonzert auf dem Bildungsfestival gibt Mynah Marie eine Einführung in die Kunst des Live-Codings: Code wird Klang und der Computer zum Instrument. Nebenbei wird das Bildungspotenzial des Live-Codings deutlich.

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In this introductory workshop, Mynah Marie will explain what is live coding and walk us through the basic knowledge required to start live coding music with Sonic Pi. Sonic Pi is a free and open-source software created to make music using a language based on the programming language Ruby. This language is very close to English and for this reason, Sonic Pi is a great software for a fun and creative introduction to programming. No prior experience or knowledge is required, this workshop is suitable for complete beginners.


Für die Teilnahme am Workshop sind ein Computer (PC/Mac) und Kopfhörer nötig. Zusätzlich muss die Software Sonic Pi auf dem installiert sein, da mit dieser Software gearbeitet wird. Das Programm kann unter www.sonic-pi.net heruntergeladen werden.





Earth to Abigail is a music project I (Mynah Marie) created to align my love for programming and technology with my creative expression.

In 2016, I discovered a new passion for computer programming and set myself the goal to make a career change and become a developer (to the despair of a lot of my musician friends who thought I’d leave the music world forever and become a hermit hidden away in a cave room in front of my computer).

For a few years, I studied computer science and programming while creating and live coding music with Sonic Pi as a hobby. Soon after that, I worked as a programming mentor, teaching Javascript to adults wanting to become professional web developers.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that even though I loved programming, my true calling wasn’t to find a job in high tech. The stage was calling me and I felt a powerful urge to reinvent myself as an artist and musician. From that point in time, I took my live coding practice with Sonic Pi seriously and created Earth to Abigail. I wanted to use code as a medium of expression as much as my instrument and voice.

Earth to Abigail has become my creative space, halfway between a lab and a playground where I experiment with programming and technology in a way that fits my creativity.